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What kind of packing is provided for oval led mirror?
JiangYi Lighting Manufacturer has some general packaging guidelines that will help you prepare your package for shipping. Please consult our Customer Service for detailed information. We ensure the package we choose is the most suitable for your items, functioning well to prevent collision and moisture impact so that the product can be delivered to your door in perfect shape and appearance. We are passionate about our service, and we take responsibility for what we pack very seriously. If you are interested in other types of package, please let us know.
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As a dominant best led bathroom mirrors manufacturer in the market, JiangYi is primarily known for the abundant experience and manufacturing professionalism. JiangYi focuses on providing a variety of rectangle led mirror for customers. There are many important parameters being considered in illucid led vanity mirror design. They are strength, stiffness or rigidity, wear resistance, lubrication, ease of assembly, etc. Highlight Style & Elegance of Space. It is able to help pool owners to clean the swimming pools thoroughly and effectively regardless of the size, shape, or construction of the pool. Light Up, Smartly & Striking!
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